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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Obama, weakness on health care?

I wrote the following post some months ago, but have since learned that it does not appear to be accurate. Please see my most recent post here, as I mention in the 2nd update below, to learn more about what is clearly a complex issue (as I describe in the above post, it seems like it may be a benign issue in the end).

Ah, despite Obama's real strengths, he looks weak on health care from my read on this (might need free registration), and really just as though his plan would not be as effective as some others. He says he is open to the possibility of eventually mandating people have health insurance, but that is CLEARLY needed to really make the idea of an ECONOMICAL, as well as practicable universal system of care possible (as the above article talks about).

Update: GREAT New York Times piece by two Harvard medical professors that casts doubt on all of the frontrunners' plans, turning instead to that of Rep. Dennis Kucinich, and his single payer approach.

Update 2: I got some feedback from some people on the Daily Kos website about this post, and it seems things are not this clear cut, so I have an updated, more in-depth look at it here.

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