In humble attempt at casting this in the tradition of Socrates, a (slightly altered) quote:

"The unexamined vote is not worth casting."

Saturday, December 13, 2008

These Pictures Rock the Party

These pictures from election night are awesome--man, I can't imagine waiting to hear whether you'd be announced the next president of the United States, what a freaking night (for McCain and Obama). The pictures are all from backstage as O waited with family and others for the results:

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Best Political Cartoon Ever

I saw this cartoon up on a coworker's cubicle at work--it's definitely one of the best I've seen, though thankfully I think it'll lose its pop after January 20th.

Gary Varvel
Indianapolis Star
Oct 3, 2008

On a related note, I just realized recently my "Someone Else for President" bumper sticker will lose it's pop soon too; it would especially be funny on my car alongside my Obama '08 sticker after O gets sworn in, so I suppose I'll have to pull 'er down around then. Man I love that sticker though...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our Man's Got Get-Up and Go

I have to say, in starting to watch our almost-President Obama give his weekly address this week, I thought it sounded, well, like a bit much. But then, as he got into it, I realized, "He's going to be president, he can do these things!" It's enough to get someone excited--check it out: