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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rated in top ten Obama blogs by, I'll take it!

So I'm about to (likely) retire this blog (though I'll leave it up here for posterity still), and was doing a quick search on it--Google and other search engines have this neat tool where you can search for any pages that link to yours. For Google, you type "" So, I did a little search to see what links to my website there might be, and though there wasn't much out there, I was pretty excited to find this (click to enlarge):

Yeah, that's me down there circled in green. The website is "," and it's basically a big 'ol database that sorts and rates blogs--pretty interesting to wander around in. If you can make it out in the picture, they did a list of top ten Obama and top ten Hillary blogs back in May. Who knows what their analysis level, it was fun to find though, and some of the others looked decent in clicking on them. They've still got the website up for it here if you're interested. I'm not sure how press releases end up on newspaper sites, but was kind of fun to see that the press release sent out also showed up in my Google search for some like Reuters.


SOC said...

This is way cool. Top ten! I know I've enjoyed it, and now it's obvious lots of others have too.

Brendan O'Connor said...

thanks ma, much appreciated! :)