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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Live Bloggin' as I Watch the Repubs' Convention, Part II (Palin's Speech)

I started a new live post here now that Sarah Palin's about to speak at the Republican National Convention, and will throw some thoughts on it below as she speaks...

She's a good speaker, that's something...Anyone who's anyone can respect that she has family in the military, though I like a bit more VA Senator Jim Webb's approach to campaigning, where he didn't mention that his son was in Iraq...Nothing's lost on me in terms of the good it could be to have a woman in the White House, and the potential to advocate for women--a very good thing, certainly...

She's now telling her story in general, which is very frank-sounding and nice. I just worry it gets more emotional than meaningful, though I may be wrong. It's just that all four candidates in this race, with the VPs and presidential candidates, all have fine stories that are endearing--they are not the main reasons votes should be cast though; there are too, too many issues for that to be the case...

There it was, she just lost much of my respect--thought from the way she was talking she might not. She said a mayor (i.e., her) is like a community organizer (i.e., Obama), except that "a mayor has actual responsibilities"--what a low blow right? Geez, have some basic respect lady...They said Bush's past speech writer wrote her speech, I can tell. It's good she has "hometown values" as some in her party have been saying, too bad mutual respect doesn't make the cut of those "values" of hers...

Good stuff, she was able to cut spending on unnecessary stuff she's saying now--honestly, it's great, it's fair. I can respect that; it's not that I cannot respect her and McCain, and how they've done this or that, it's just that I think the world's bigger than they make it, encompassing many more issues than they are about...

Drilling's come up again, depressing. It's just criminal it seems to play this as an issue that matters much at all when it would not have any effects for over 10 years. Geez, get on with something of substance...

Now she takes a swipe at Obama because he doesn't use the word "victory" in regard to our war in Iraq? Come on lady. And again with another small-minded swat at him, something about him parting waters. It's just pathetic. If they want to argue about who will do what's better, that would be, well, better, but this type of discussion isn't a discussion at all, it's just small and unhelpful.

Now she talks about small business owners being ill-off because of the Dems tax policies--too bad Obama and company have said they will only raise taxes on those making over $250,000 plus a year; not sure what "small farmers" and small business owners she's talking about will in any large way be affected by that.

I think Palin may think she's running for mayor again, given the base level her speech is moving forward on. I really can't imagine what kind of conversation she'd have with Obama if she ran into him after the speech--it's like throwing straight insults at someone and then wondering how they could have a real conversation after (or be considered an adult even).

It's striking now, literally, that Palin is speaking about McCain's time as a POW--making the third time tonight it's been talked about in a speech; AND she's speaking longer about it than she's actually spoken about issues. Shew, it's pretty depleting watching this whole thing, just, again, so small-minded; and I really did like how she started out, as I noted above.

And I can comfortably say that this kind of small-mindedness is exactly why one would leave this type of speech a bit despondent, versus the more expansive thinking that Obama's about--and yes, his would only be words if it didn't have actions that have and will be taken behind them; actions such as bringing about affordable health care for all Americans, only bringing soldiers to war if absolutely necessary, attacking racism face-on, hugely expanding volunteerism in the US, bringing early education to all children, and so on.

Anyone want to go out and volunteer? Kind of moves you that direction watching this. Leave any thoughts on Palin or anything else below, would be interested to hear what others think.

PS--It's disturbing that they brought out an African American on with the two other musicians after Palin spoke, even though he didn't actually do anything musically (really, nothing); I'm all for diversity, don't get me wrong, but I'm just not for token appearances of any minorities like that.

Update: I'll put links to the videos of some of these speeches here when they become available, but a quick poll for the moment:

Update 3: Obama has a good comment today in response to the lame shots by Palin, Giuliani and others at his time as a community organizer:


Anonymous said...

small business owners and farmers will be negatively affected by Obama's tax policies (not just income tax policies) but his increase in capital gains taxes, corporate taxes, raising taxes for self=employed entrepreneurs.... etc.

check out this article

Brendan said...


I didn't know details on some of the points you brought up here, but looked into it, read the article you linked to, etc., and it seems like what you say is partly true.

Grover Norquist's article you linked to notes that Obama's plan would not raise taxes on most small businesses, but that it would raise taxes on most of the dollars made by the small biz sector. Ie, the logic is this, for others who didn't read it:

-there would be a raise in taxes for those small biz owners making over $250k a year;
-however, that is not the majority of small biz. owners;
-yet, of the profits made by small biz's, the largest slice of those profits is made by those making $250k or more a year;
-so, Norquist points out, the majority of small biz dollars in the US would see a tax hike.

I'm taking Norquist at his word that this is true, and was admittedly a bit bothered by the idea until i read up some more on Obama's tax plan for small biz's (available here:

He says some of the following things, just to note a couple from the quite thorough sheet:

-health care is a huge cost for small biz's, and his plan includes a no. of steps to alleviate some of these burdens: providing a tax credit for HALF of the health care premium small biz's pay for employees; and setting up a large nationwide small biz pool of insurance options to lower costs by spreading over a greater number of purchasers (among other things mentioned on there

-you mentioned that he would increase capital gains taxes, but i'm not sure where you got that information, as he clearly states on this sheet that he would "eliminate all capital gains taxes on small and start-up businesses to encourage innovation and job creation"

-he would do various other innovative things to help the small business sector, such as providing biz incubators for them, bolsetering our country's microloan program to help biz's receive loans that otherwise might not be able to, and promoting full broadband access countrywide to help small biz's and people in general have access to the internet

It seems to me that these would allow a raise in taxes on those small biz's making over $250k/year to be much more reasonable. Would be interested in your thoughts back on any of these points above though, and appreciate you bringing the point up!